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SV (StolenValkyrie)

Hullo!  I’m SV, I’m 23, and I’m from Denver, CO.  I’m a huge nerd (of course!) and I love strong ladies and really big explosions.  And love stories.  I’ll cry.  😀  Anyway I met all these lovely people at Anime Boston/Otakon 2011, and I’m proud to be a founding member of East Blue!

My specialty is props: give me a large unwieldy thing, and I will salivate and promptly make it or die trying.

First Cosplay: Ever?  For halloween in 8th grade, I was CardCaptor Sakura (the blue jester dress).  It was awesome.  I’ll have to find pictures… Other than that, my first one was Sango (Inuyasha), my sophomore year in High School.

Favorite Cosplay: ;__; I like them all?  I have a very soft spot for my Ty Lee – not only was it my first that I made totally from scratch, but it is so darn comfy!  I love wearing it and being able to smile like a goon 😀

Dream Cosplay: I’m working on one now (Flaus, Record of Lodoss War: Lady of Pharis) but… hmm.  Lehas (Magna Carta), Rikku’s Dive Suit (FFX), and… a Monkey Island group.  Let’s not lie, that game is my favorite.  Ever.


  • Judge’s Award [Nan Desu Kan 2010]
  • Best in Intermediate Craftsmanship [Nan Desu Kan 2010]
  • Best Prop [Sango Boomerang]

Visit me on and deviantart!

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