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First Cosplay: Deidara [Naruto] in 2006ish

Favorite Cosplay: Cherry [Vassalord] in 2010

Dream Cosplay: WHITEBEARD! [One Piece]


  • Best Skit [Nan Desu Kan 2012]
  • Best in Show [Saboten Con 2012]
  • Best in Show [Con-Nichiwa 2012]
  • Best in Master Craftsmanship [Taiyou Con 2012]
  • Best in Masters Division [Saboten-Con 2011]
  • Judge’s Award [Phoenix Comicon 2011]
  • Best Craftsmanship [Con-Nichiwa 2011]
  • Best in Masters Division [Taiyou Con 2011]
  • Best in Show [AnimeLand Tucon 2010]
  • Best in Show [Anime Kaigi 2010]
  • Best in Masters Division [Con-Nichiwa 2010]
  • Judge’s Award [Saboten-Con 2010]
  • Best Meat Judge’s Award [AnimeLand Tucon 2009]
  • Most In-Jokes Judge’s Award [Copper-Con 2008]

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