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I’ve been cosplaying since 2000, but have become more serious in the last few years.  To me, cosplay is an outlet for creativity and an excuse to dress up.  I love doing pair and group cosplays in particular, since it gives me a chance to have fun with my friends.  I am primarily a seamstress, and though I occasionally help out with props, my strength is sewing.  I also enjoy photography and am always up for organizing and running a shoot.

First Cosplay: Botan [Yu Yu Hakusho] in 2000

Favorite Costume: Dakki [Houshin Engi] in 2011

Dream Cosplay: June May [Cloth Road], Kisaragi Jin [BlazBlue], Maniwa Kyouken [Katanagatari]


  • Best in Master Craftsmanship [Taiyou Con 2012]
  • Judge’s Award [Phoenix Comic Con 2011]
  • Judge’s Award [Phoenix Comic Con 2010]
  • Best in Masters Division [Con-nichiwa 2010]

Visit me at and American Cosplay Paradise!

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