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Con Report: SDCC 2012



After a six hour drive, the Mighty Mei and the Amazing Allyson picked up their badges and proceeded to get lost in downtown San Diego. That was an adventure.


Celebrity sightings: Stan Lee chillin’ like a villain.

So Elementary looks legitimately awesome. Like, the Mighty Mei has many opinions that she will not voice here, but overall it looks pretty damn amazing. Additionally, Lucy Liu is fierce as hell.

Dexter. DEXTER. DEXTER. That is all.

Can we talk about the hotel room for a minute? We had a stove. A stove. Also a full sized fridge, dishwasher, and stuff. It was awesome. Except for the power going out.


The Mighty Mei waited in line for six (?) hours for the Game of Thrones panel and ended up not getting in. But that’s okay, because guess who showed up?


And that was pretty much it. Oh but remember that power outage? Yeah, that happened again. While the Mighty Mei was in the shower.


Friday night, the Mighty Mei found out that Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath were signing autographs on Saturday. Thus, she rushed to the BBC booth to get tickets the next morning. Unfortunately, there were none left… However! One kind soul bestowed upon Mei the ultimate gift: an extra ticket. The Mighty Mei then sought out her faithful companions: Giorgia the Gracious and Alannah the Alphabetical. The Mighty Mei and Alannah the Alphabetical, being dressed as Merlin and Fem!Merlin respectively, took the actors by surprise! So much so, in fact, that Colin Morgan requested a picture, which led to a swarm of photographers, which led to free shirts. Also autographs, but FREE SHIRTS.

Hella awesome shirt that is way too big.

Hella awesome autograph.

Hella awesome people. 

So that kind of made her life. But was the fun over? I think not.


Less exciting part: Saw Lou Ferrigno.

Very exciting part: So the Mighty Mei is kind of obsessed with Merlin, as you may have noticed, unless you were skimming, in which case shame on you. In any case, the Mighty Mei and the Amazing Allyson woke up at 2:30 Sunday morning to get in line for the convention center. Once in, they got in line for the autographs, which would eventually lead to the line for Merlin autographs. However, the Mighty Mei heartlessly abandoned the Amazing Allyson to attend the Merlin panel, because said line was running late. Regardless, the Amazing Allyson, living up to her name, ended up getting the Mighty Mei a ticket because, as previously stated, she is amazing.

So the Merlin panel was fabulous. That’s all to be said, really. The autograph signing even more so. Once the Mighty Mei reached the front of the line, Colin Morgan looked up and started laughing. He then proceeded to compliment my costume (because it’s awesome) and give me a fist bump. She then moved on to Angel Coulby, who agreed that the Mighty Mei’s costume was awesome. Next in line were the writers, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, who agreed that the hat was definitely coming back (let’s hope they weren’t joking, because that hat is my favorite character). And the greatest compliment of all, you ask? Katie McGrath telling the Mighty Mei that she looked like she had just stepped out of the wardrobe department.

Said costume.

Conclusion? Awesome.

(Please note: The Mighty Mei has left out a few details due to losing her ability to function after meeting the cast of Merlin.)

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