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Con Report: Phoenix Comicon 2012


As you may or may not know, the Mighty Mei had some drama with PCC’s masquerade rules earlier this year. However, by the power of friendship and awful fanfiction, that drama was overcome.

Thursday was spent masquerading as a hipster and waiting for Friday to come:

Left to right: The Mighty Mei, super-awesome-artist Shelby RobertsonSpider-Spence, and the Amazing Allyson.

Also Kamen Rider, which was hilariously amazing.

Friday was made of a strangely delicious mixture of stress and rainbows. Translation: panels. The Mighty Mei was signed up for three: A Trivial Introduction to One Piece, Masquerades 101, and Wigs.

The Mighty Mei and the Amazing Allyson Friday morning

A Trivial Introduction to One Piece was amazing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as long as it should have been, and I didn’t have quite enough questions, but that was cool, because the audience was more than willing to provide some of their own. For future reference, that was actually awesome, and the Mighty Mei has decided to incorporate that into future trivia panels. In conclusion, this panel was awesome—so awesome, in fact, that the universe simply could not handle it and decided that it needed to throw a table (as well as the Mighty Mei’s laptop—ouch) at the audience. Thankfully, the only thing hurt was Mei’s ego (although not badly). Mei seriously cannot get over how much fun this panel was and is looking forward to doing it again.

Mei freaking loves One Piece.

The Mighty Mei did not get to do her Masquerade panel, unfortunately, because it was scheduled at the same time as the One Piece panel. Thankfully, the Amazing Allyson was there to save the day.

Amazing Allyson > Mighty Mei

The wig panel (with SoringVisions) went pretty well, despite technical difficulties (a note to the universe: next time you decide to throw a table, make sure there are no computers on it) and a lack of planning. Nothing too exciting, but fun nevertheless.

Saturday saw the debut of Mei’s favorite costume:

That embroidery alone took about 50 hours.

Which she only wore for about an hour because as sexy as that hat is, it’s also not very fun to wear. The Mighty Mei and the Amazing Allyson then teamed up to make the worst/best video in all existence:

Click here for bloopers!

Story time: So the Mighty Mei was dancing like a crazy person/octopus for this video, when suddenly, she hears cheering. “What are they cheering for?” she thought, turning around to see a good thirty people staring and clapping right at her. “Oh god it’s meeeeeeee!” She screamed, running to the opposite side of the room to roll around on the floor in front of a cackling Allyson. But was it worth it? Definitely.


And we’re not even going to touch the subject of the masquerade.

Sunday was a lazy day filled with Supernatural and Apples to Apples:

The Amazing Allyson and the Mighty Mei as Dean and Sam.

The con ended on a quite note not long after that. The Mighty Mei returned home to work on costumes for AX and SDCC, which you should all be looking forward to, because they’re going to be awesome.

All in all, the con was not that great, but the Mighty Mei had a super awesome amazing time because her friends are amazing.

Meanwhile, in the dealer’s room….

Placidmage was helping out with Arrowsmith Studio’s con booth as Princess Tinyfeet from Venture bros, with her very own Sgt. Hatred:

Random guy!Sean as Henchman 21, Placidmage as Princess Tinyfeet, and Elijah as Sgt. Hatred

Placidmage was quite pleased that she was able to make this cosplay from a size 20 pants suit she found at goodwill for $5. She is very cheap.

Placidmage was especially amazed by the sheer numbers of the strictly comic book cosplay she saw at Phoenix Comic Con, and how few people she knew compared with most of the anime cons in the area. Comic conventions certainly draw a different, but equally awesome crowd. She schmoozed and gained her friend’s studio some publicity in the dealer’s room.

Later, Placidmage went with her awesome cosplayer boyfriend to Geek Prom. And even later, joined the late night 18+ panel, “WTF Japan,” for some laughs. It was nothing we didn’t already know, of course, but the late night panels are sometimes the best ones.

Placidmage is already sewing more costumes for upcoming conventions. Despite trying to keep it a little comic-y for Comic Con, she misses anime cosplay and can’t wait for the next con!

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