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Con Report: Animeland Wasabi 2012


This March, SV traveled to a forsaken land (aka Aurora, CO) to attend… Animeland Wasabi!

Friday was pretty simple – she could not find her real camera, but nevertheless attempted to take photos at the Persona/Megaten (let’s not kid ourselves, it was just Persona) shoot that night.  P4 happens to be a current personal obsession so she was pretty psyched about it:

Also, you like Persona?  If you haven’t seen these, you haven’t seen anything:

After that, the SlowBro shirt went on, and insanities commenced.  She mainly followed around her friends Jeff and David as they made mischief as Frylock and Shake.  It was ridiculous.

Saturday morning she did exciting things (read: errands) and got bagels for everyone, because bagels = delicious.  She got into her Thriller Bark Robin, and went to the One Piece shoot:

Pretty typical of the CO team. (All OP shoot photos thanks to

The OP peeps in CO are really great.  We always have a good time.

The rest of Saturday was spent talking with old friends, running around, and then watching this happen:

(I can be seen in there, looking totally dead.  The girl in the green/blue border collie fursuit is my good friend Cara xD)

Saturday night… SV WISHES she could say she ran around doing awesome things, but instead she crashed at about 10:30.  Like a boss.

Sunday morning was pretty much just waking up, watching the second half of Jennifer’s Body, and leaving.  Super exciting, but what can she say – she had to save up some energy for working on things for Anime Boston!

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