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Con Report: Gallifrey One 23


Back in February, the Mighty Mei, the Amazing Allyson, and Allyson’s friend Baku attended Gallifrey-One in Los Angeles. The journey was fraught with dangers—dinosaurs, fast food, California drivers—they owe their lives and sanity to none other than Harold Ryuk Pieface IV (shut up I was like 12)—Mei’s iPod. After a mere seven hours, the weary travelers reached their destination. There, they picked up their badges and met up with their super awesome roomie—Sara!

We then discovered the wonders of ribbons. The Amazing Allyson was not surprised, as this was not her first Gally-con, but the Mighty Mei and Baku were astounded! As such, they activated their Timelord DNA and embarked on an epic quest to procure as many ribbons as possible (which didn’t end up being all that many compared to some).


Ribbons! Aren’t they cool? They go on your badge!

Then came the crash. The girls were dead to the world until the next morning, when Mei, Allyson, and Baku dressed up as Jethro, the Master, and the Tenth Doctor respectively:


Witness the Master in his natural habitat, plotting world domination through the use of pastries!

The Amazing Allyson then ran a super amazing Tumblr gathering:


Sexy Master!Allyson and Doctor!Baku donw in front!

This was around the time they met some of the most amazing people to ever grace this planet with their presence:


From the left: Georgia, Renee, and Marisa!

Mei and Allyson then had a brief love affair with some Daleks, which unfortunately ended in the untimely extermination of Jethro and the Master:


Best faces ever? I think yes.

Those were actually the only Doctor Who costumes that Allyson and Mei would wear that weekend. They returned to their room to change, and found this:


Moriarty was real! 

Which happened to be relevant to their next costumes:


Mei and Allyson being super sexy as Sherlock and Moriarty/John Watson from BBC’s Sherlock!

So Saturday. You know how Mei loves One Piece? Like, more than life, right? Well, she loves Merlin almost as much.


Clearly we are the best cosplayers ever, since we’re like, always in character. 

And did I mention awesome? Because seriously:


Renee as Eleven, Mei as Merlin, Allyson as Arthur, and Marisa as dead-as-usual!Rory

This was also the day that Mei and Allyson met Mark Sheppard, who was beyond amazing:


Mark Sheppard makes a very convincing Mark Sheppard. 

Mei and Allyson ended up going to his panel, where Allyson ended up with the Best Coming Out Story of All Time. Mei and Allyson went up to him afterwards and talked about gay rights for a few minutes, which was awesome. They also found out that He’s probably going to be in Sherlock season three, and that Crowley [Supernatural] may not be just another demon. The girls then went to the masquerade, which was hella entertaining and super impressive. Seriously, those costumes were epic. Conclusion? Best day ever.

Sunday came all too soon, and Mei, Allyson, and Baku had to say goodbye to their amazing new friends… But not without a quick, derpy photoshoot!


See? Always in character.

The journey back was just as long and just as tedious. Thankfully, Allyson and Baku were very entertaining, so Mei didn’t fall asleep at the wheel. In the end, they all made it back safe and sound… Except for Mei’s car, which was hella not fun, but that’s a story for another day.

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