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Con Report: Con-Nichiwa 2012


Last month, the Mighty Mei and Terri the Terrible attended Con-Nichiwa in Tucson! Mei started the weekend off with her very first panel: Masquerades 101! It ended up being a little short, and not very many people showed up since it was so early in the morning, but it was still fun! Mei then decided to go troll the photobooth:


Aleyna as Rin, Mei as Ryohei and Spade!

There wasn’t too much to do, so Mei took Aleyna and Sara to her place to fawn over birds:

Fact: Mei likes animals more than people.

After we got back to the con, Mei and Aleyna got changed for the j-fashion show:


Shameless plug: Poison Sugar is the best independent Lolita brand ever. Seriously, her stuff is always amazing.

So Saturday Terri showed up, and she and Mei dressed up as the best pirates ever—Shanks and Yasopp:


Sexy pirates? Or sexiest pirates?

We didn’t really do much on Saturday… Oh, except for perform in the masquerade, where we won best in show.

We start at around 0:30, but you should watch the whole thing, because it’s awesome!

Terri and Mei left pretty early on Sunday, so no cool stories there. Mei had homework. In conclusion, Con-Nichiwa was small but fun and One Piece is the best ever.

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