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Anatomy of a Photo Shoot: Lightning Farron – Final Fantasy XIII



Oh hurrah, it’s my first post!  I’m SV, and it’s a pleasure to meet you all.

Since I like to procrastinate before doing important things, I figured that before my most recent photo shoot, I’d break down all the steps I take before doing them.  This was my third ever, and it was a ton of fun.

So, here is my timeline, for a photo shoot starting at 5:30:

2:30: Shower, lotion ALL THE THINGS.  Partially dry hair (my hair takes forever to dry, so I kept going back at multiple points to dry it.)

2:50: Eat something delicious.  You’ll need the energy later – these things (prep, actual shoot, etc.) take a lot of energy, and I always try to eat before my makeup/wig go on.

3:00: Find all your costume pieces, start ironing.  Ironing is essential to having it look good, and sharp!

3:05: Start ;__; about the actual state of your costume.  Last time I wore Lightning was at Anime Boston ’10, and when I put that costume away, I was most interested in GETTING THINGS OFF than actually taking stock of it.  My shoe belt pieces fall down a lot, one of the EL wire bits was becoming unglued (and you’ll see later, I forgot to re-glue it), etc.  This step (taking stock of your costume) should ideally happen the day before.

3:30: Finish ironing, start putting on some undergarments (nylons, socks, shorts):

3:40: Start styling your wig. (Again, a step that should be moved waaaay ahead of time.

4:00: Get everything together to find you cannot easily find your amazing reference pictures for said wig.

4:23: Take a break from haphazardly styling said wig so it doesn’t look like a Vocaloid.

Should have tried this on sooner…

So, from here my timeline gets a little wonky, since I was hacking away at that wig and trying to get everything together.  Here were the steps I took:

  • Cut wig.  Keep cutting wig.  Look at reference pictures.  Use hairspray, because Square Enix LOVES spiky hair.
  • Take our hairspray, it looks dumb.  Go for interpretive Lightning hairstyle.
  • Put on L’s undershirt so I can put makeup on without having to slide anything over it.  Put on wig cap.  Feel like the ugliest Fanta girl.  Go do makeup:

  • After makeup is done, put on everything that does not need to be glued on. Look like a terrifying woodland elf.  Why Lightning wears a crop top and miniskirt to work, I’ll never know.  Take picture for cosplay blog:

  • Put on everything that needs to be glued on.  Glue it on (hot glue).  Put on wig and pin it.  Attempt to arrange it so it looks something like Lightning.  Decide to go as Glam Lightning, and gathers stuff together to go.

5:15: Leave to pick up photographer.

We went to a few locations in Downtown Denver – one being the big bridge between 16th and Little Raven, and one being outside the Denver Performing Arts Center.  My photographer went as the 10th Doctor, and so I got a few shots of him, too.  Being Halloween weekend, we got a few strange looks (one woman asked if I was some sort of Thor Nurse.  Wtf!?) but one guy got it and totally wanted to cosplay, too.  I told him about our local cons… we have a convert >:}.
Here are some of the shots from the shoot, enjoy!

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  1. Erikku permalink
    2011.11.06 8:38 AM

    Really excellent cosplay and HILARIOUS commentary.

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