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Photo Shoot: Red Riding Hood [A Wolf in Girl’s Clothing Version]


Wolf Crossing

A Walk in the Woods

Wolf Crossing II

Greeting the Wolves

What Big Ears You Have

Wolf in Girl's Clothing

Halloween 2011

Red Riding Hood

Cosplayer: Emmacchi

Photographer: Hazard

Location: East Setauket, New York

Emmacchi’s Thoughts: This is my second Halloween costume for 2011, and it’s a revamp of last year’s Red Riding Hood costume.  I really wanted to do a shoot where we could tell a story, specifically one that had a dark twist at the end (like Angela Carter’s fairy tales).  The photos came out nicely, and we had a lot of fun shooting in the woods.  Special thanks to Repto for handling the animals, and to our dogs Fox and Kozue, for being not so big but very bad wolves.

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